picture taken by: Florian Wenzel
picture taken by: Florian Wenzel

Marina Weishaupt

Marina is a young photographer based in Ulm / southern Germany. 

She is passionate about nature, animals and the environment and the happiest while being on the road, exploring the beauty of this planet and meeting people in different countries. Because of her interests she focuses on landscape and travel photography, where she prefers barren landscapes and never gets enough of mountain areas with rough structures and unique shapes.  

Since January '18 she is part of the 500px Ambassador program and also a member of the Mapify Ambassador team.



Selected clients, cooperations and publications:


500px | Mapify


ASI Travel | XLayer | Holzkern 

Amazonas hammocks | Kúkú-Campers


 Thinkovery | IcelandairStopover | kwerfeldein.de

Fubiz | nomadict | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom | DSLR-Magazine